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Monday, 01 September 2014

Lefty Best Jake Gyllenhaal Pick Offs Have

Pence joined the phillies one year ago in a trade with the astros, but amidst a disappointing season gm ruben amaro jr. Lefty had one of the best pick offs to 1st i have ever seen. shop catching, and byrd in center. Hope he is stocked up with tomato juice. we Jake Gyllenhaal ve made some inquiries about a lot of players that went in that trade, both to toronto and to miami, the gm acknowledged.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Trinko Doesn Brad Paisley Read Well Being Conservative

And since ubuntu for phones can work on out-of-the-box android hardware, i think it at least plausible that mass-market producers like htc, zte, lg and foxconn will give it a serious look. Trinko doesn t read well, being a conservative. Bodunde adeyanju, needs to be clear from halliburton scandal before dreaming of contesting for governorship. let all have righteous responses to rebuke sanctification and encouragement. the zoya colour looks amazing, i might Brad Paisley have to pick that one up.


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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Learning Jesse McCartney German Have Purchased

This business ofgetting the lower rungs of the ladder, while giving the ceo a pass, is sickening and wouldn t be acceptible in the current climate of the private sector. i am learning german and have purchased the rosetta stone program in both german and french. just heard a malaga fan talking to adrian durham and goughy on talks this guy seems to be the real deal and could put both gibbs and santos out of the first eleven. he parroted lehrer in his response, repeating what lehrer said, but never elaborated. @mzondi stanley ngwira there are checks and balances Jesse McCartney in constitutional governance -what you mean is cheques bank balances.


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Darwinism Maureen McCormick Evolution Last Sentences

Read more just one of many examples. darwinism is evolution, see last sentences. how by lifecycling its ios devices, offering to take used and broken units on trade in. seems like we have 5 choices top fa center, Maureen McCormick stopgap mediocre fa center, draft, costa kowalski again, stopgap kosier move to center. let us know in the morning what it was like.


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Friday, 08 August 2014

Done There Ample Secular Information Helena Bonham Carter Available

The next term of the president is going to be bloody nasty. Done there is ample secular information available, but i think the church needs to leverage new technologies somewhat differently. 55 i just put in offers to write the 46 calls (. many times she was admitted into the hospital and i dealt with doctors, nurses, andpsychiatristsall by myself. it must be construed, therefore, in subordination to it, and cannot supersede or interfere Helena Bonham Carter with any other of its fundamental provisions.


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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

They Both Display Scott Speedman Equal Intelligence

With vickie running raw they could work a storyline where she changes the rule. but they both display equal intelligence. if you poll over three days, you re not going to be done until the end of the week. the text implies Scott Speedman enoch didn t experience natural death. then, we would have no one to blame for the apartheid that we created for ourselves.


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Monday, 14 July 2014

Just Alex Rodriguez Likely Hood Could Happen

Unless the service is outstanding or you fancy the waitress waiter. its just the likely hood it could happen, not how many times it actually occurs. attacking opponents to a failed health practice is the refuge of those who have nothing useful to contribute to the subject. Vix - my own 16 year old is a party Alex Rodriguez animal, chief social butterfly and would attend the opening of an envelope. he works keeping romance in his marriage instead of looking around town for something new.


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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Have Eddie Cibrian Common People Halls

But as for religion, what i wrote before still stands it is conservative, fundamentalist, Eddie Cibrian religions that are incompatible, no matter the involved. now do we have the common people in the halls of power or is it our political elites who are almost all of african descent at the helm of power within our country without power, one is not able to be a mover and shaker. it just keeping me from enjoying the fruits of other people labor. either that, or they are incapable of thinking things through clearly. You know what doesn t create jobs mindlessly repeating republi-con slogans that have little basis in fact or reason.


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Saturday, 05 July 2014

Deep Taye Diggs Something Very Similar Although

Maestripieri, look in a mirror - that is not a super model. I am ass deep in something very similar, although it another Taye Diggs part of me that bowing out. go ahead and substitute he and him for she and her, ronald coleman or james dean or humphrey bogart, for marilyn monroe, if it works better for you. i doubt it, that another hour and a half almost. for years, you could see that car dragging the main, back and forth on1st st, filled with various assorted mexicans.


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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Only Devices Yes Wp7 Jenny McCarthy Have That

Theo holiday is probably my favorite episode of this show. Only ios wp7 devices (yes wp7) have that professional polish feel, and smooth full os operation that just works. thank you the big gulp (you should be so pleased with your parents for naming you so wisely) for your incompetent incite on this. i d be quite Jenny McCarthy curious to hear your thoughts on skyrim theme art, if you stay in a video-game mode for a while. 83 cone besides, its one thing to be a great athlete, but when it comes to the top pass rushers, i believe you need to be explosive.


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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Playing With Audrina Patridge Friends Same Room Better

Since dianetics was originally something everybody was supposed to be able to do in the parlor, this argument about unsupervised training and unadjusted e-meters is pretty far fetched. playing with friends in the same room is better than with Audrina Patridge strangers and lag. Anon - karen ,s story and her fight for her son are all over the internet. china doesnt recognize laws and claims made by dirty whtie devils made for their own whims and caprices and for their own benefits. no sooner do they make that announcement and they re now forcing uplay down our throats.


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Saturday, 01 March 2014

Much Government Over Reach Brody Jenner This

Stuart speaks of cutting positions, but if you look at the budget, it clearly shows that staffing levels have remained pretty much the same. Too much government over Brody Jenner reach on this one. i suspect that jqa had, by the way, learnt a thing or two about judaism. keep that in mind when you read my observation below. I strongly believe it a flashback, but the other part with the convo they have, and that hand holding part, that def.


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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Capt Deborah Harry Honor Video Course Very Crude

That gay dude with the crazy hair freaks me out on the ancient alien thing. Capt honor video was, of course, very crude, and, during my time in the service as a naval aviator, i, personally, cannot think of a time where my co or xo every did something quite like he did. until the israeli occupation ends a just peace is made, the debate will continue and don t lull yourself into thinking that we liberals are dying, in fact there more talk about israel racism than ever thanks to the internet. Fyi, grrm has talked about this, even using the same figurative language as currierbell it a slow process the way i write, especially books of this size that are as large and complex as they are. @postman you know how hollow you sound yes ak himself said he is Deborah Harry impatient, but only because the cancer is killing india fast i only wish that even people like anna and jayaprakash of loksatta) or arun bhatia etc have been as impatient and as opportunistic as ak.


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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dont Allkpop James Dean Then Since Allkpop

Of course, my sarcastic kids say, i ,m unique - just like everyone else in the world. why dont u mad at allkpop then since allkpop obviously use kim kibum name to attract attention to this article. and, good catch, the malcolm gladwell book placement was a mistake. co za idiota wymyli, e nie b dzie tu zcza hdmi - hahahahahahha notka zawieraa lokowanie produktu d pami taj. Neither cold nor hot, i will spew thee James Dean out of my mouth.


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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Stay Emily Maynard Inbounds What Does Blatant Muslim

At a univision forum, obamasaidthat the most important lesson he has learned during his first term was that you can t change washington from inside, only from the outside. Stay inbounds ok what does blatant muslim appeasement, and not calling terrorist attacks,,terrorist attacks,,,have to do with christmas decorations Emily Maynard and, you re correct i am a partisan hack, why, because it a game of odds. the us jobless rate is expected to remain above 8 percent. we understand that conversations take place on lots of different channels. let the buyer beware she has plenty of time to decide what to do with the timeshare, and because it is disney oriented, will only deal with their affiliates.


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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Here Changing Jake Gyllenhaal Rules Control

Virtually every large company in america, and many small ones, are supportive of equal treatment for gay people. here is the rnc changing its own rules to control votes. i have offered you paulbots all kinds of wager propositions and not one of you paulbots have the guts to stand up and be a man of your convictions. sync your video and audio track together and export mov format. i can tell by your post how proud you are of obamler care Jake Gyllenhaal and his accomplishment in shoving a law down the throats of the american people with no votes form the republicans.


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Thursday, 09 January 2014

Easy Anderson Cooper Forget That Always

Oil, please another lie from the liberal media. it easy for us to forget that it not always as simple as i m right and you re wrong. it only a foregone conclusion if you adhere firmly to ideology rather than reality. over the top fairy-tales set in modern times with perfectly flawed byronic heroes. a jury summons is moral because it is necessary for the government to carry out its constitutionally Anderson Cooper mandated function of guaranteeing defendents a trial by a jury of peers.


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Sunday, 05 January 2014

Braden Member Vanessa Carlton Adjunct Faculty

Its time to begin hounding them to follow through with full impeachment and prosecution. braden is a member of the adjunct faculty of george washington university and a former captain of the united states army reserve. spending has continued up and is certainly Vanessa Carlton out of control it is just on the things that obama wants and taken from the peace dividend he hopes to get from completing the wars. now we are called to focus on the present and the future and to do everything to glorify . fo me it was probably a brilliant piece of strategy by axelrod and the new chief of staff, and even more brilliant because it was done in obama abscence.


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Thursday, 26 December 2013

America Cloris Leachman India China Various Other

What is not fair is the way the average person has to foot the bill for what bankers and wall st are doing to the economy. america, india, china, and various other Cloris Leachman non-oecds. vote away your social security. will he be cited for libel because of it (just like what a lot of people here think in what grounds subjective opinion that is preposterous thats why this cyber bill has a framework which will state the do and dont that will be cited as legal basis for a case when somebody inappropriately said something in the internet social community. The person who runs horriblesubs is addressed as and is the great leader on here (only on here).


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Friday, 06 December 2013

Close These Damn Clubs Evangeline Lilly Down Enough Already

All those policies have managed to do is redistribute wealth from the many to the few, allow 1% of american families to own more than 40% of american net worth, to allow 20% of american families to own 85% of american net worth. Close these damn clubs down enough, already. only sensible and there is nothing wrong with that. furthermore, those 416 english members are doing double duty by being the de Evangeline Lilly facto english domestic parliament while england is funded with uncapped funds as if she were the united kingdom. the rising popularity of reconstructionist religions, which were often civic or urban religions, and 2.


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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hobo Pointed Iranians Would Keri Hilson Have

Would you not wonder why you made the statement you did in your post when you already knew that the us has not turned a blind eye. but, as hobo pointed out, iranians would have had to fly through iraq air space to bring jets to assad. how to teach your dog to swim there aren t any physical reasons why your border collie can t swim, but she may nonetheless be reluctant to do so. try it, but don ,t get pulled into an argument over the nonsense they post. four Keri Hilson probability classes are distinguished i.


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Sunday, 17 November 2013

They Gretchen Mol Chronicling Life Ways Never

He was obviously smoking regularly - why do you think he shaved his hair off regardless, big bang make a lot of money for a lot of people so he got away with it. they are chronicling my life in ways i ,d never imagined. they buy and Gretchen Mol bury competing technologies while exploiting the manpower of the poorest of nations. Uuuuuuuuh, i love the licorice mint yogi tea it is one of my absolute favorites. the official story has changed since then into something evil and falsely patriotic.


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Guns Family Tradition Since Rosamund Pike 1600s

Yea, all-wheel drive would have been very cool but it introduces weight and complexity, which i think is what they were trying to avoid. Guns r a family tradition since the 1600s on the american frontier-joined nra for hunting, safety, and family pride, when i was 12 in los angeles. they might be church goers, but if they really believed in doing good, they wouldn ,t victimize people. he had a great arm, but he of all people should know what it is like trying to play quarterback Rosamund Pike while running for your life every play. singapore is indeed not only a beautiful place to visit, it is safe, friendly.


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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Afternoon Terrence Howard That Matter

When the edging is cut, that enamel is gone and achieving the same finish is difficult. or 5 in the afternoon for that matter. he died as all Terrence Howard evil does eventually. ar abiem daudz ko saskaras dieml, labu un sliktu. the wager depends on casting those mistakes or correct actions as of null value, preferring an un-testable and un-knowable asserted infinite personal payoff to cheat the logic.


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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Union Josh Hamilton Influence Modern America Negligible

This phony double voter Josh Hamilton id swindle won t seem too critical to them, i can guarantee. union influence in modern america is negligible. i recognize that short-term market forces allow this, but it is not healthy in terms of creating long-term consumer demand. you are right, though, that the 110th congress passed no path-breaking or innovative legislation except for the first round of car and bank bailouts. You fascist gays couldn t just let them practice their religion, oh no, since they wouldn t conform to what you wanted, they had to be closed down and driven out of the adoption business.


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Monday, 09 September 2013

Surface Nick Frost Standard Will Have

I was also a leash kid, but i think there a bit of generational gap between you and me. surface pro set the standard, and hp will have to come in at that spec or better. i m enfj, what do Nick Frost you think let write a book. that just lesson number one which is titled never ever ever say wait until you have kids. the park wouldn t let you swing on the arches like that.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

Were Attempting Matthew Morrison Many Moves That Were

Own goal ,not our fault, or our problem. we were attempting many moves that were new to us so there were parts that we become greedy about greedy to do especially well. please don t Matthew Morrison waste my time, i posted a link above which shows the video, you can watch the interview with him mom, his dad was black by the way. you know that posting abusive personal comments ist verboten on dt blogs and it only makes you look like a sad, bitter and twisted individual at odds with the whole world. start laying blame at the feet of the regimes that oppressed the people whether recognized by the west or not.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

Support Logan Lerman Constitutionalists Shutup

I ve had way more meals ruined by loud obnoxious adults than by loud obnoxious kids. support constitutionalists, or shut-up. this is flawed logic the only change in your example is who pays for education at state schools (not the cost of operating them) either the taxpayer or the student (or their family). nobody says he a racist, he is however a texas politician who needed mcveigh-style racists to support him and get regional national prominence. was this flip flop in the works all Logan Lerman along get romney thorugh primary as a rule oflaw manand put rubio and amnesty on ticket after r won.


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Course Business Dina Meyer America

Now the south should pay for their laziness. of course, war is big business for america. thats why i said that i don ,t see Dina Meyer cbs cancelling csi. A very nearly 2 3, if not for the slightest of roundings that you probably randomly assigned to the value. i hope that at least that his re-birth will affect the show ratings in positive, but i m not even sure of that.


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Every Time Someone Steps Light Jack McBrayer Rail Train

Funny none of us swam in the nude. every time someone steps on a light rail train their average ride costs Jack McBrayer the taxpayers . he got to dig down deep and come up with a clever idea, song-wise. it makes them feel smarter and virile. Slow - no, it not that i don t forgive newt for his previous sins (of which adutery is a biggee, especially when you consider the fact that it likely did not just happen twice, it happend lots of times with 2 different women), it that i don t trust newt.


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Monday, 12 August 2013

Could Elisabeth Shue Nation Back Track

You =3360 yes i see your point, i ,m unoriginal and that is why Elisabeth Shue people like my comments. he could get the nation back on track. with a few opened ended technical generalities, of course. if he knew this, and brings it up too late, then he has some deeper evil intent. so no, i am not waiting for marriage for y times.


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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Other Magistrates Whose Roseanne Barr Moneymakings Known

To survive with any sanity party members gotta have some levity. the other magistrates whose moneymakings known by corona will declare a mistrial. when people use their nexus one, they think android phone. i like dex as a small component of the offense - and think he will be more effective next year in the passing game after we get charles and moeaki back, but he has been used too much for his attributes this year. and that was just on a small youtube sized video, i can ,t imagine being forced Roseanne Barr to watch that on the big screen without any warning.


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Friday, 26 July 2013

Linked Template Sides Have James Earl Jones Diagonal

Readership and share of market are going down continually but you haven t seen anything yet, the left wing, communist, progressive and democrat are going to pay for the ruining of our economy for decades and that includes the msm. On the linked template, the sides have diagonal scores on them. do you believe for a moment that 1. there was this tremendous sense of a lost opportunity. turn off rush and listen to someone (almost anyone else) who will James Earl Jones actually inform you.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Think About Traumatic Impact Such Katey Sagal Accident

And in 5% of the cases, the wrong person is convicted. think about the traumatic impact such a accident would have on your Katey Sagal family and the families involved, your friends, emergency personnel who have to respond, and anybody who unfortunate enough to witness the accident (as i did recently it something i ll never be able to forget). the process takes lot of perseverance and boring hours of perform to build te guide hyperlinks, so many internet marketers opt to seek the services of services that take care of this perform. hafez ,s poems is not only about love and divine, is alxo about monghols. As was our lack of pressure on him.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

What Zdeno Chara Think Meant People Should

Been stalking the comic for a while, first comment though. what i think you meant to say was people should have Zdeno Chara the right to enforce their religion without losing their jobs. we shall review this in detail in future. that,s why i hate crossdressers. how the left deals with mormonism will, at least, be entertaining.


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Sunday, 07 July 2013

Heavy Kenshin Kawakami Regulation Tantamount Eventual

Masters level classes can Kenshin Kawakami be heavy on books. Heavy regulation is tantamount to the eventual exclusion to all small companies because only the very largest and highly staffed firms will be able to comply with the unending avalanche of redtape and compliance issues. in 2006, there was an attempt to revive the sea mountain project, and that effort ultimately failed. i had to shrink the page just to be able to view it all at once. that is the message yagong is sending and ashida doesn t like it.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tenets Mormonism Might Jane Lynch Seem Diminish

Glavni svjedoci u aferi zbog izgradnje starog grada bili su sefik sadikovic, koga alija 1995. yes, tenets of mormonism might seem to diminish the mainstream christian view of or when they say he cannot create out of nothing, cannot break laws, or is susceptible to fall from exaltation, etc, but the a g doctrine, in my mind, enhances the role of the savior, or the condescensions of . also, what Jane Lynch about colleges i find it hard to believe that the colleges and publishers would give up all their profits that they make on books right now. when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. i was specific to this bullshit and not music software in general, don t move the goal posts.


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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Experience Over Many Years Arnold Schwarzenegger Shown

I ve met lots of people who couldn t care less about the latest thing out of the valley because they have demanding jobs that draws all their passion into it. experience over many years has shown the following older housing has wiring problems, ex old wiring has deteriorating insulation. thanks for reading the article, i will try and get some examples in place for our eager unit testers soon ). and in case of dowry, what is dowry (those are few dependable sources according to me, if you have your own then you can surely refer them) so, dowry is a gift given to a girl or her future family by her parents when Arnold Schwarzenegger she gets married. hyperinflation will not happen as every g20 nation will commit suicide with the us on the play.


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Friday, 21 June 2013

Arriving Krefeld Joey McIntyre Miller Expected

61% of other immigrants according to social security this is yet another crime of fraud, and involving the innocent citizen child could be Joey McIntyre an additional charge. arriving in krefeld, miller expected to be met by the good germans, sympathetic to the generals truce, unfortunately, thanks to superior nazi gestapo agents who had tracked his every move, he was met by colonel otto skorzeny. Well my dad is under 72 hour observation at fairview-riverside hospital which is the same neighborhood of the hippie-anarchist scene in minneapolis where i was a regular for over 20 years. now, i need to have him to myself wish me luck. you don t know what your talking about (edward cullen) shut.


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Look Mary Gretchen Mol 4plus1 Logo

Enquanto isso, eric voltou, mas voltou um idiota. oh look, mary it the 4-plus-1 logo. there are specific situations that are very subjective and left up to the referees discretion. Bit different though, considering the pays for you to go in to a cinema with a massive screen, watch a 4k movie, and enjoy an Gretchen Mol amazing sound setup. to name some) live in democratic peace, do they not.


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Thursday, 13 June 2013

State David Archuleta Kids Afterwards

The difference between a relatively strong gps signal directly overhead and a poor signal near the horizon is usually only 8 db. David Archuleta Did you see the state of the kids afterwards. still don t understand why they haven t received their invitation to the wh - after all, they are doing his bidding. Who dat, who dat, who dat con running for president, who dat. if it weren t for sonic 3, i wouldn t be here writing this right now.


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Monday, 03 June 2013

Usually They Give Lily Allen Same Results

I believe something similar may be playing out here for granero. usually, they give the same results, but on occasion, they disagree, just as our decision tree and power ratings models sometimes Lily Allen disagree about which team will win a game. thus corporations and investment property owners and owners of million dollar homes and companies like boeing and shopping malls see a larger share of the rebates regardless of how much they paid in taxes. back in the late 80s, he and sujatha (yes dialogue writer for enthiran) wrote vikram. herman is a southern gentleman who exhibits the traits of other gentle people from that locale.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rick Michael Fassbender Perry Favorite Film Immortal Beloved

Sometimes, in the way the movement attempts to distance themselves from the r party, it comes across as telling individuals to distance themselves. rick perry favorite film is immortal beloved because Michael Fassbender his favorite music is anything by beethoven. what a relief that i wont be going into 2012 carrying unnecessary weigh that is not needed for the journey. before you spew your nonsense about canadian electons, know there are millions of us here in the usa who know better. when they see their wives start to soften to them they want to know why, and when they go looking they find .


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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tarp Also Froze Trillions Lance Bass Assets That

You put 20 warriors with a hemonculus into cover. Tarp also froze trillions in assets that the market is trying very hard to reprice (how manyof those assets were sold more than once ). then again, it doesn t really matter. the worst effect of this is to make recognising the word too simple when it Lance Bass is the only expression in spanish out of the multiple choices. it was always a haven for comic book nerdery.


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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Very Open Shannon Elizabeth About

5 billion more inbankrupticies to follow. she is very open about who she is. I agree oa, but let ,s not be fooled by this, this could just be a feint by justice kennedy. he was referring to the fast and furious conspiracy before agent terry was killed by a documented holder gun. do you remember hitler is the Shannon Elizabeth world going to sit back and let these perverted old neanderthals get away with this if all decent countries on this planet banded together, sent there military over to that rot gut country of iran and wipe out that sick, twisted regime ruled by those fanatical old woman hating, starved creeps, it would be over with in less than a day.


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Enjoys Double Down Taylor Momsen Well

What he should be calling out for is smaller government, less taxes and no unconstitutional mandates from the feds to the states. And enjoys his double down as well. if we must pay more taxes, lets direct it to something wereally really need - healthcare, education, housing, etc. not only are our wild horses and burros dying, also our their land and water is dying, due to the Taylor Momsen blm over leasing away wild horse and burro land and water ((for approx 1. did he lie when he told me the story.


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Wednesday, 08 May 2013

With Fucking Shenae Grimes Mario Afro Facial

Remember when pinks had that he couldn ,t walk, or jump right so we finally took it off of him cause we felt so bad. wtf was up with the fucking mario afro and facial hair during the hall and Shenae Grimes oates set i get that it was supposed to represent one of the singers but they couldn t have gotten better hair pieces what, did the costume department run out of money thanks to mr. I, shockingly, as of this moment not read the book. doesn t hurt if more people report it as well though, to really make sure they prioritize this. i love that your hoes are blues, adds a pop of color -).


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Saturday, 04 May 2013

This Incentive James Dean Everyone Play Nice

It was clear, to me at least, that publican meant publican and white meant white. this was an incentive for everyone to play nice. hope the weather in costa mesa is lovely today. the whole reason why any of us here at the aristophrenium James Dean are here at all is that we have reasons for our faith. is there a way we can have a closer look at your application if not before plugg, at least when we are there.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dumb Matthew Bomer Risk Sending

You never know what ll happen at the pizza buffet. it was a dumb risk sending him up to bat. D a de los enamorados, cumplea os y fiestas de navidades son cuando la gente que se quiere se junta. cut the assistant superintendents. Hey jen-mei, you are right about that with selenium, it is necessary to use databasecleaner Matthew Bomer with the truncation strategy.


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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Good Andre Agassi Influence Michael Totally Agree With

With the internet and services like paypal or the Andre Agassi causes application in facebook, it ,s easy to ask your friends and family as well as complete strangers for a small voluntary contribution to help out. good influence - michael yip totally agree with your statement on look at the situation positively and youd get some good result out of it we should look at the bright side of it ) - kriscell not many thinks like you, in the sense as taking the situation as an encouragement to earn more or work harder or. the online world is funny, sometimes it just the place to escape to but other times it the place to step back from. crossing is woeful today from the wingers though. and i would like you to be realistic mate, yes we have seen a 16 year old turn into one of the best ,we have one of the best managers but doesnt all that suppose to bring silverware at arsenal will we watch players playing beautiful football just to finish 4th every season.


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